One can now get some of the most elegant pieces as well as jewellery which can work well with the best designs. There is some other Cypriot folkloric craftsman who can give the best quality designs from the silversmith as well as can be an appropriate one in Cyprus. These designs can be totally delivered by the silversmiths of Lefkara Silver. They can also design the best quality silver ecclesiastical vessels. Some of them are like the oil-lamps, silver oil-lamp as well as some other important items.

Why the pieces in the village so famous?

There is a special village for designing silver ornaments. This village is totally famous for the lace, which can also be designed as ‘lefkaritika’  as well as there are other silver handicrafts. The name has been totally derived from the white of silica and limestone which can be a major richness of the place.  The beautiful village of the cobbled streets, as well as picturesque architecture, can be a beautiful and heavenly place to give rise to some of the finest craftsmanship. The embroidery from Lefkara can prove to be the ultimate folk art as well as the tradition that can be a famous one in and around Cyprus.

Why these are of exceptional and standard quality?

Such a piece can actually come up in the form of exceptional work. This can be also really comprising of plenty of the valued items which can come up in the form of artistic creation. There are several patterns used all of which can be inspired by the environment as well as show up the blend of nature. This can actually prove to be the creative imagination which comes out as the designs from the embroiderers. This can be also expressed with the finest designs that are delivered by means of thread and needle. The idea used can be enough to give one the designs which can always prove to be the standard and incomparable aesthetics.

the total area is well known for the laces and silversmith. Lefkara could actually prove itself in the form of the significant boost which can all help with the development of embroidery. This can all be considered as the source of income in Lefkara. There is also the extraordinary character which can be depicted with the embroidery which can be totally a reflection of the finest craftsmanship. There are also plenty of beautiful things that can be spotted at the timeless villages, remote painted churches, forested mountain trails as well as everything else all of which can really give the touch of nature as well as proves to be the best touch.

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