We have all had those days when we played a prank on someone we love and value. We have had those days too when we got pranked. Sometimes, people just laugh off the prank but at other times people take offense. Why is it so?

That’s because we need to consider who to make inappropriate gifts to. You can’t just prank anyone. You have to consider who is it and how close is the person you can prank without making them feel bad. Let’s consider the people who may and may not take offense if you made them an unconventional gift like a silly recipe book or a sexy printed apron.

Those you can

1- Bosom friends-

These come at the top of your list. Bosom friends wouldn’t take offense at your gifts, no matter how weird, silly or provocative they are, after all, that is what makes them bosom friends. With friends, you can make any kind of gift you want, the funnier the better. There are no conventions.

2- Spouse

Your life partner is probably the next best person you can make inappropriate gifts to. Afterall, you have shared everything with each other and there is nothing to hide. So making any sort of silly, vulgar gift, especially on memorable occasions that warrant both a laugh and memory is commended.

3- Sibling

Our siblings too are ones we share our lives with for a long time. So, we can make any gifts at any time to them. Important occasions in their lives like birthdays, graduations and their weddings are important to us. So instead of making the regular gifts, it is a better idea to make something different an inappropriate that they can cherish.

Those you shouldn’t

1- Parents

Even though there is no one as close as parents, it is hard to make silly gifts to them, more out of respect and love than anything else. They are also likely to take offense if something doesn’t please them.

2- Boss or colleague

While some colleagues and bosses may take it lightly, it is better not to offend anyone by making inappropriate gifts. Since this involves your work life, better stay on the safe side.

3- Distant friends or relatives

Since these people are not too close to you, better not embarrass yourself by giving them something unconventional. With these people, it is better to go with the regular mugs and accessories for gifts.

4- Kids

It is better not to give silly gifts to kids who might not understand what your gift means. Kids are best settled with toys and books.

So, always remember that there are people who will take your joke heartily and those who will not.

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