Ask anyone who was around in the 1970s and they’ll probably have a memory to share about maxi-length dresses, and we are truly thankful that this look is back in fashion in the 21st century.

Let’s be genuine, you basically don’t require five reasons to put on your most-liked maxi dress—certainly, reason number one below is sufficient to get us to drawn out our wallet.  A maxi dress isn’t just an article of garments, it’s a damn fashion.  The sort of lifestyle where elegant stress is lessened and turn-worthy enjoyment is maximized. Maxi dresses don’t display to the party.  They arrive.  Any time you sense like making a declaration, a maxi dress is your perfect move.  Even better if your dress is sporting a divine print, but even solid color maxis make their existence known.  Set out, my friends, make it a long night.

There are lots of reasons why so many people choose to wear maxi dresses, but here we only have space to mention five of them.

Reason #1 – They flatter all body shapes

You don’t need to be ‘model’ size to look fabulous in a maxi dress; the long length and one piece style means there is a style to suit people of all shapes and sizes. Some, like wrap style maxis, suit every body type.

Reason #2 – Maxi length dresses are versatile

How many other items of clothing can look equally amazing when worn at a casual beach party with low-key sandals and chunky jewellery, or at a more formal event with wedge heels, a plain clutch, and sparkling accessories? The maxi length dress is definitely the chameleon of the fashion scene, and you can find plenty to order online at respected sites such as AX Paris maxi dresses.

Reason #3 – They are comfortable and easy to wear

A maxi dress is never going to pinch after a large lunch, and there are designs which flow beautifully to keep you cool in the warmest of weather. This makes it easy for any woman to feel stylish without compromising on comfort. Maxis are very forgiving with footwear too, suiting anything from chunky wedges, and low heels, to gladiator sandals. Avoid stiletto heels as they can easily catch in long length dresses.

Reason #4 – A maxi dress is the perfect ‘grab and go’ outfit

You know those days when you have ten minutes to be out of the door, or you haven’t shaved your legs? Nobody need ever know if you don’t tell them if you throw on a stylish maxi.  You can just relax and enjoy the compliments on how great you look!

Reason #5 – You can wear a maxi whatever your height

Shorter people sometimes feel they can’t wear a maxi length dress but that’s not true, especially if they go for solid colours or small patterns. Empire waistlines are good for creating the illusion of length, while fitted dresses look great too

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