Women being the prime decision-maker in every household has a vast potential to renovate their homes to the dreamy one. When it comes to handling projects related to renovation, remodeling, or giving new life by improvement, women have no comparison with others. Everyone over there will agree that women have a great sense of look and styling. They give rebirth to every dull thing into an attractive one, which enhances their confidence to deal with various big projects and boost up their skills too. 

Even when it comes to remodeling, men don’t get much preference than women by the contractors. Contractors ask the leading lady of the house to make them aware of what design, the style they want. In what manner they want their homes to look comfortable, and every detail regarding are confirmed and asked by the women only.

● Lenore Janis

Lenore Janis is the president of PWC, i.e., Professional Women in Construction. She is a very known and great lady in the construction field. A highly qualified lady having immense knowledge and degrees and pursued acting. Accordingly, her family thought that their steel business would not be the appropriate one for Janis to begin and build a career. But proving her family wrong and showing her potential and talent, she joined their steel business, and she owns a steel company. And she is also the founder of Professional Women in Construction to motivate and promote other women in the same field. 

● Linda G. Alvarado

She is the founder, as well as the owner of the most known and famous Alvarado Construction. She is another pioneer lady in the construction industry; none of the construction companies lists is completed without mentioning her name in it. Having great potential and confidence to prove herself to the world, she gave her years to build herself and her so known company. She faced various problems in the beginning but came out with more strength, and now she is on the peak of success in the construction industry.

● Amy Matthews

Amy is a licensed contractor and also works as a DIY network host. She was passionate and sure about her profession from her adulthood itself. So she attained what she wanted to achieve and become a successful and known female licensed contractor. She has fantastic remodeling skills praised by everyone.

● Kayleen McCabe

Kayleen is also a licensed contractor and hosts a DIY network for renovation. She gives valuable and useful suggestions regarding what one can do to raise the level of remodeling to the next level style. She has a great talent as well as taste and preference regarding what to opt and what not. She proved herself by giving her the best in the projects she owns.

● Sandra Hersey

Sandra is a multitasking lady, works as a DIY modeler, blogger and other than this owns a building products manufacturing company. But like others, she is not a licensed contractor, but her work won’t let you even know about this fact. She performs her work of remodeling to the next level extent.

These are some lady contractors who have shown their skills well.

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