Not all assets, like cars, depreciate. Not all, like real estate and homes, are expensive. There are properties you can own that you can acquire without breaking the bank, but if you’re patient enough, their value can increase significantly over time. By then, they can provide you with high returns.

If you want to know where to put your money today, here are x personal assets to consider:

  1. Gold and Silver Jewelry

Contrary to what you may think, jewelry stores don’t just sell gold and silver earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. A lot of jewelers are willing to buy them as well or are open to pawning. The reason isn’t the jewelry itself, although it can command a high price if it’s a valuable one like a historical piece. Usually, they are after the material they’re made of.

Both gold and silver have high prices in the market today. In the most recent price chart, you can already sell gold for almost $2,000. Silver, on the other hand, is cheaper at $27.97. However, it was worth $25 in April 2021.

Moreover, precious metals like these two are excellent options for hedging against inflation. Usually, the value of assets can decrease as the inflation rate goes up. Think about the value of your dollar back in the 1940s and today.

Gold and silver can hold their intrinsic value because they are limited resources. Also, while the demand for these precious metals fluctuates like other commodities, they are stable in the long term.

That helps keep the prices for these products up. Moreover, these can make the likes of precious metals worthy than the savings in the bank if the goal is to increase your wealth.

You can always trade gold in the commodities markets the same way you do stocks, but keeping any form of gold or silver like jewelry pieces is also a great idea when times get tough and you need money stat.

  1. Watches

Granted, new watches that use mechanical movements can be pricey. The cost goes up if you’re thinking about a Rolex or Omega. You may need to spare at least $7,500, which can buy you an Omega Seamaster. However, many watch experts agree that if the watch passes certain criteria, even a secondhand one is already a worthwhile investment.

What are these conditions? Watches, whether brand-new or secondhand, can still be worth a lot in the market if:

  • They are from well-known brands. Prestige still brings in money and influence.
  • The quality and appearance of the watch are as close to the original as possible. In other words, it is in mint condition. There are no cracks or scratches, while the strap doesn’t look frayed.
  • They are old timepieces, particularly those whose leather features a beautiful patina and a mechanical movement. You can also check the age of the watch by looking at the serial number, which is usually at the back. Pieces that had also been worn or advertised by celebrities may also be attractive for watch collectors.

Watches are smart investments since, like gold and silver jewelry pieces, the supply is often limited. In fact, big watch brands don’t mass-produce. Second, some of the biggest (although discreet) watch collectors are high-net-worth individuals and even one-percenters who prefer to buy these at auctions or private sales.

  1. Art

Another asset you can consider to diversify your portfolio is art. Not only does it make an interesting conversation piece at home, but its value can be significant should you decide to sell it.

In the data by Statista, the global market value for artworks reached $50.6 million in 2020. Although this is lower than in the previous year, where it garnered $64 million, probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still higher than the market value in 2009, which could be due to the Great Recession.

Artworks these days also have another avenue for selling: the cryptocurrency market, where sellers can receive NFTs (non-fungible) tokens in return. And so far, they can earn thousands of dollars.

Take, for example, Beeple’s work called Everydays-The First 5,000 Days, which sold in this tech market for a whopping $69 million. Meanwhile, two Cryptopunk images, pixelated artwork of aliens, sold for over $7 million each. Two photos that showcased an ape received NFTs worth more than $1.5 million.

Definitely, real properties, like a house and land, will have some of the highest appreciation rates. But if you like to diversify your portfolio and use the assets simultaneously, these three options are worth the penny you spend—as long as you also choose them wisely.

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