As soon as one is born, he/she is introduced to the camera. It all begins with the first smile that has been captured by the camera. It remains as a photographic memory for years. It is, therefore, quite natural for human beings to develop a love towards photography. However, it totally depends on the individual what they love to capture in their camera. A photographer should always try and create something better out of his pictures. Photography is an endless journey. Each day you’ll stumble upon a new discovery.

Capture the Beauty of Night!

Night and low light photography is as beautiful as the night itself. There are many who prefer to click pictures only in good light. But low light pictures have their own story to tell. Exploring the beauty of night is fascinating and the pictures turn out to be incredibly beautiful. For all those who are in awe of the night and its beauty and love to capture it in the camera can join the course on night photography. Following are the key things that you’ll learn in the night photography course here-

  • Gear recommendation: Here you’ll get an idea what gear you need for night photography. Since night photography is not quite popular but at times, you can’t resist the beauty of the night sky and feel like capturing it and this course will be of great help in taking the perfect night or low-light photographs.
  • Preparing for the photographic trip: Since this course is more than just sitting at the computer screens showing different slides on photography, you can prepare yourself for a photographic trip with the professional photographer teaching you.
  • Basic camera settings: A good knowledge of shutter speed, ISO, aperture etc. is mandatory to click night photographs. Here you’ll learn about all these basic settings and how to use them for taking great pictures.
  • Composing techniques: This will help you in composing beautiful night photos.
  • Shutter release remote: This course will help you in using shutter release remote for long exposures.
  • Capturing moon and stars: A photograph is said to be great only if it is creative. Here you’ll learn about the creative composition of moon and stars.
  • Editing: Editing techniques will help you to make your picture look even more beautiful.

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