It seems gone are the days of the old when expressions of love are simpler and more straightforward. For example, back in Egyptian times, men might offer their ladies a reed ring to show their commitment. That already served their engagement and wedding rings.

Today, you will come across different rings of various settings, designs, sizes, stones, and bands. With these so many choices, picking the right one for your beloved can already feel overwhelming, if not confusing. In fact, some statistics suggest that it can take as long as 6 weeks to buy an engagement ring!

If you are in this position now, though, you’re in luck. This article will help you navigate the complex world of “love rings,” hoping you can find one that best expresses your feelings.

  1. Promise Ring

Many confuse promise and engagement rings probably because they assume they serve the same purpose. After all, isn’t an engagement a promise that you’ll marry your partner at some point?

But promise rings are different. These are a jewelry piece that tells your loved one that you’re serious in the relationship—you’re committed enough to think that you may want to spend the rest of your life with them, although you’re not yet ready to propose marriage.

To give a promise ring is to inform the other that you are taking the dating phase to a higher level. You will be deleting your profile on Tinder, and you will be making your partner one of your priorities in life.

The concept of promise rings isn’t new, and some believe its history began in the Middle Ages, where they were likely called posey rings (from the French word that means poem).

Their designs were also more elaborate, including rings set with precious gemstones. Many styles these days are simpler, probably a band with a single stone other than diamond (this is usually the best choice for engagement).

If you’re looking for something unique or a ring that says “I am committed” but doesn’t scream, “We’re getting engaged now,” you can buy silicone rings for your girlfriend. Even better, these are durable jewelry pieces, which may imply how you want the relationship to be.

  1. Engagement Ring

If you can be more casual with the promise ring, you must be meticulous and specific with the engagement ring. This means a wedding is in the offing—that’s a lifetime’s worth of commitment.

For this reason, you need to be ready to spend quite a bit of money. According to a study by the Knot, the average spending for such a ring in 2020 was already $5,500. But the final amount depends on a lot of factors.

Take, for example, where you live. If you are in Manhattan, the average cost of this jewelry is a whopping $13,000. If you’re in the Midwest, such as Utah, you may spend less than what most Americans pay. You may already find a good-quality ring for $5,200.

The setting and stone can also dictate the price. The majority of engagement rings use diamonds, which can be graded according to their clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. The higher the grade, the more expensive the stone gets.

If you want to be less conventional, you can offer rings with other gemstones, but they can also be more expensive. A good example is an emerald, which is rarer than a diamond.

  1. Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are actually simpler than engagement rings. It could be because couples anticipate that they will have to wear this all the time. They can lose big stones when they’re changing clothes, cleaning the dishes, or washing the laundry.

However, it is also not unusual for these rings to sport a few stones embedded directly into the ring instead of being set in a crown. Others may look more like bands than regular rings.

Either way, here’s some good news: unlike engagement and promise rings, you won’t have to choose wedding rings by yourself. You can already bring your partner when shopping. They can help in the decision-making.

  1. Eternity Ring

A growing number of spouses are buying eternity rings. Also known as infinity rings, these are usually a jewelry piece featuring a platinum or silver band lined with gemstones, like diamonds.

They symbolize never-ending love to one’s married partner, although some women buy them for themselves as promise rings when they’re over forty.

No one really knows how eternity rings came about. Some say the Egyptian reed rings might actually be eternal rings. Others believe it’s just one of the marketing ploys of De Beers, the biggest diamond supplier in the world—the same way the company “launched” engagement rings.

Hopefully, when you have a better idea about the rings and what they stand for, you can be more decisive in style, design, and price.

Meta title: A Guide to the Confusing World of Love Rings
meta desc: Probably one of the most common expressions of love is a ring, but what ring are we talking about? It turns out there are many kids. To avoid getting confused or overwhelmed about what to buy, use this love ring guide.

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