Winter is barely underway at the time of this writing. Yet there they sit in the mud room: a mountain of galoshes, boots, and shoe covers left to pile up haphazardly by every member of your family. Seeing them is enough to frustrate you. After all, you work hard to keep the place clean and tidy. The rest of the family doesn’t seem to care. But wait. Before you get cranky, consider what that mountain of footwear says about your family.

That pile of galoshes, boots, and shoe covers igcs more than a soggy collection of canvas and rubber. It is more than just a collection of shoes to keep so many feet warm and dry. What you are looking at is also a symbol of so much more. If you look hard enough, you might actually see it.

GC Tech, a company that specializes in waterproof shoe covers for men, says there are plenty of good reasons to appreciate seeing all those galoshes and boots. They say that what seems to be an unpleasant reminder of winter speaks volumes about your family.

 You Can Get Out Of the House

At the top of the list is the fact that your family can get out of the house. Indeed, you would have no use for protective footwear if you never left home. Galoshes and shoe covers only have value if you’re outside in the snow and rain. In the comfort and safety of climate control, they are little more than ornaments.

The fact that you have a pile of boots and galoshes means your family can get out and about. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who, for health and other reasons, haven’t left home for a long time. They would give anything to have a legitimate need for a pair of boots.

Your Family Does Things Together

You might also consider that you are looking at a mountain of winter footwear because your family actually does things together. You all enjoy the laughter and competition of a good snowball fight. You love spending time on the ski slopes. Even shoveling the snow as a family is an excuse to go play in the white stuff.

How many families do you know that don’t spend any time together? All over the world, there are families whose only interactions are texting one another and sharing memes on social media. They barely know one another’s names, let alone doing something as silly as building a snowman.

 You Can Afford to Buy Them

Another thing that mound of boots says about your family is that you have the financial means to purchase them. Those waterproof overshoes you bought for you and your spouse last year weren’t cheap. And of course, your children grow so fast that you have to buy new galoshes every fall. At least you can afford it.

There are people all over the world who cannot afford even a single pair of shoes. They walk barefoot in all kinds of weather. They may not have a mound of galoshes and shoe covers to clean up every other day, but they also don’t have warm and dry feet.

It can be frustrating to look out to the mud room and see that everyone has thrown their boots and galoshes into a big pile. Picking up coats, hats, and mittens gets to be a real drag by the end of February. We all get it. Just remember that many of the frustrations of winter are the direct result of the blessings of family. You might want to focus on those blessings instead.

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