Standard shoes give comfort and are good for daily activities. On the other hand, safety shoes provide extra protection to feet from any danger or rigorous activities like heavy material fall or walking on uneven under construction road, which is an accidental prone area. Industrial workers are supposed to wear safety shoes because they work with hazardous chemicals, gases and in accident-prone areas like falling, injuries in the ankle, etc. 

Sometimes, office workers also have to visit the site in person. This means they have to change their footwear every time they visit a site. So, you may ask next time you need to carry two pair of shoes? Well, not really. The answer is safety footwear that is designed also to be worn with office attire. 

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Here is the list of safety wear that is suitable for office attires as well –


Safety shoes that also look like athletic sneakers are good for long-distance walking, office and site as well. A shoe with composite plate, aluminium toe, shock resistant technology, moisture-wicking technology to absorb sweat, breathable fibre, rubber heel, forefoot pads, will give maximum comfort while walking, on uneven ground. 

Safety boots that are designed like dress shoe are good for oxford look and also work as safety shoes. They’re made with an anti-slip technology, static dissipation, and steel toe reinforcement. 

Slip-on that is boot style is good for office and immediate tour to the warehouse. For comfort as well as style look for slip-on that have gel footbed along with heel pad, anti-microbial technology that fights fungus and smell and shock absorbing core.


Ankle boot is good for office and an immediate visit to the warehouse. It is best to buy an ankle boot that has a composite plate and steel toe for style and protection. 

Safety cum dress shoe is good for the office as well as a high static environment. The pair of shoes with dual density lightweight polyurethane sole and anti-static feature provides great comfort and protection. 

Slip into a pair of sport casual safety shoes that are made with steel toes and anti-slip technology which is good for slick floors on site.  

Athletic safety shoes are lightweight, flexible with composite toe and plate. It comes with electric shock resistance and moisture wick nylon mesh that absorbs sweat leaving behind no odour. 

If you have to visit refinery frequently, then opt of tall boots that contain breathable lining and moisture-wicking technology. They protect you from slipping as they are oil resistant. 

As you can see, safety shoes are nowadays modified to bring it in use in day to day activities. These safety shoes can also be worn for daily activities like grocery shopping, window shopping, etc. It keeps you comfortable and you can walk a long distance without hurting your toes, knees, and ankle.

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