One of the most difficult things for a mother to do is to put herself first before anyone else. Sure, when she was younger and had no family life was completely different. However, now that she has a responsibility towards her family they are critically dependent on her every day. These women are strong, independent women whose life choices make a difference in other’s lives every day.

If you are a mother who can understand the plight of putting everyone else first and shoving your own wants and needs to the back burner then we have three things every mother needs in her life. It’s important to make sure you take some time for yourself at some point during the week to ensure your sanity stays intact. Our experts have compiled three strategies every mother needs to incorporate in her life.

#1 – Stay In Contact With Friends

Once a mother starts her family journey and begins to have children, after a while, the nightlife disappears. This is with good reason too because you have other responsibilities at home. Perhaps you have small children and other family members that you need to take care of. When this happens you can begin to see your friends slowly slipping away and that person you used to be vanishes quickly.

Our experts understand that as a mother, you have several responsibilities on hand and it is usually not a viable option to go out all the time with your friends. However, it is crucial that you take at least one night out of the month and do a girls night out. Research has proven that mom’s who take some time with her friends at least one night out of the month, are less stressed and have the ability to take some time with old acquaintances. 

Plan this night with your significant another well in advance and let them know what you’re thinking. They shouldn’t be too worried about taking one night for you because you are taking care of the other 29 night of the month. Go out and have some fun.

#2 – Buy Something For Yourself

One thing that men will never understand is the fact that shopping is a proven therapy for women. Psychology Today revealed that women who are stressed, worried, and anxious, can relieve some of these symptoms by strolling through a mall or browsing through an online store. There are many things that you can supply for yourself that you need, or even don’t need. 

Take some time to research some of the stylish and trendy boutiques who offer modest dresses, or stroll over to the nearest jewellery store and purchase those beautiful earrings you have always wanted for yourself. No matter what it is, make sure it is for you and no one else. 

The key here is to treat yo’ self to something special because you deserve it. Plus, you will benefit from the immediate therapeutic resolve of the shopping experience as determined by science. So the next time your significant other asks you why you’re going shopping again, tell them it’s for therapy reasons! Clearly, you have many obligations around the home and taking a few minutes to grab something nice for yourself is a great reward for all the hard work you have been doing.

#3 – Carve Out Time For Yourself

Throughout every day of the month, you are pulled in every direction imaginable. The kids need lunch, the house needs to be cleaned, the spouse or significant other needs clothes washed, the results are endless and you do all of the work. Take one day of the week and just relax. 

As a mother, you’re probably reading this and thinking “yeah right”, because you already understand there’s no way you can take any time for yourself. However, if you plan correctly through the week, you can pinch off minutes, if not hours, of every day by doing chores that will free up some time for yourself later. Once again, speak with your mate about your idea and allow them to help you where they can. More than likely, they will agree that you need some time and will do what they can to help. If you are a single mom, do some extra chores throughout the week that you would not normally do in order to free up that time. When the time comes, let your kids know that you’re on a break and they are doing their own thing during this time. If by some chance you have a small child, put your baby beside you and snuggle down and watch a good show on Netflix or Disney+ and enjoy your evening.

The key to this entire process is to make sure you’re not losing yourself while you’re a mother. You’re great at being a mom and, even though they don’t say it enough, your family couldn’t do life without you. You deserve to find yourself again and making sure these three strategies are implemented every month is crucial to keeping your sanity.

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