he journey of a man is not as easy as it seems. From my professional events to social gatherings, I try to be presentable in the best possible way. In fact, before stepping out from my office or home, I spend some time over something which you call ‘makeover’. As gentlemen, I think that we should all pay some attention to our grooming. Why should ladies have all the fun? So, to ensure that you also steal the show at every celebration, here are some of the latest tips which will be used for the remaining half of 2018.

But before getting into the tips, let me present some statistics, so you know how men around the world are changing their mindset and embracing concepts like ‘personality development’. You will be surprised to know that 44% of men go to professional barbers in Melbourne to get their desired cut.  Survey also confirms that haircut is an integral part of men’s fashion. Of all the men surveyed after a haircut, 83% go for washing and blow-drying at their establishments whereas 39% do it on their sides. 47% of men style their hair every 4weeks, which means once a month. While younger makes hit the barber shops very frequently, the older ones avail the best barber service in Melbourne every 5weeks. All such data conclude one thing, i.e. we are increasingly becoming fashion conscious and tend to look different or revamp our image in front of the world. And here’s how we can do it:

  1. Follow all the suggestions given by the Barber

Barbershop in Melbourne is a doctor’s clinic for your hair with all the barbers being the best doctors in this industry. The moment they touch your scalp, they come to know everything about your hair. After getting your ideal look, spend some more time with the barber and listen to all the suggestions. The most common ones are: shampoo your hair only 2 or 3 times a week and not every day, always dry your hair before applying any product, take proper care of your beard if you are equally conscious about them and many more.

  1. Fix Your Barber

I sincerely appreciate the commitment that ladies bear to their parlours. Be it a simple haircut or some excellent hair spa; they take all the effort to drop into their favourite places. As fashion conscious beings, we must also adopt such habits. If you don’t wish to do your research to find the best shop, Google up barber shop near me, see all the reviews, compare them and choose the best place. Make sure you always visit the shop for any requirement.

  1. Get a Hair Cut that Suits Your Face

Facial structure and haircuts together develop our looks. The best barber in Melbourne possesses a good idea about what kind of haircuts shall go in which type of faces. A quick look at you and the barber knows how to cut, trim and shape your hair. You only need to mention your desired style and preferred hair setup. Based on your needs, the barber chalks out the best hair cutting strategy and ends up making you look different and better than the day before.

  1. Regular Maintenance & Care

The men’s barber in Melbourne first asks you if you want a low-maintenance or a high-maintenance style. Accordingly, you will have to take proper care of your hair and maintain your outlook. Further, you also must make regular visits say at least once a month to ensure good quality hair and updated style.

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