When I was a kid, my parents used to always tell me when I would get too eager to do too many things that I was trying to sit with one button too many chairs. This is the Russian version of this saying, but the American version is probably “biting off more than you can chew” or having “eyes bigger than your stomach”. While America focuses on eating, Russians are focusing on sitting. I wonder if that says anything about the cultures… it might… but that’s not what this article is about.

This article is about the fact that technology that claims to do everything really does nothing well. Perhaps another good saying to bring up here is “jack of all trades and master of none”. You want a device that does just what it claims to do rather than everything under the sun because when these devices are designed and manufactured, there is only so much space and processing power to run the machine and the more it is split out, the fewer resources are devoted to each individual piece.

Let’s give you a clear example so you can wrap your head around it. Your cell phone, if you have a modern smartphone, can most likely become a wireless hotspot with the touch of one set. Do you believe that your phone is designed to be a hotspot? Not really. It’s more of a feature than anything. While your phone operates as a wireless hotspot, it also must text people, call people, use the internet, perform its motion-activated tasks, and gather information from all around you. There is no way that your phone can truly devote enough resources to make a legitimately powerful hotspot… and frankly, if you have ever used your phone for this… you probably know it’s not that powerful. 

This is primarily because your phone is just dedicating some of its processing power to this task, and frequently at the price of HEAVY battery consumption. This means that if you are planning to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot, you will most likely not get much time to do it, and the signal you are getting and transmitting won’t be as powerful. 

Now imagine instead you use a device like this. This is a dedicated hotspot, that is fine-tuned to ONLY receive carrier data and transmit it to WiFi-enabled devices… this item will be far more useful for one simple reason, it’s dedicated. Every piece of technology hidden inside the well-conceived exterior is 100% devoted to getting you the best internet to your devices. The battery is designed to handle this operation, the hardware inside is designed to be as efficient and streamlined as possible as capturing that signal from further than your phone most likely can. This device is made just for that use, and it’s damn good at it.

The cell phone vs. hotspot is just one example. A DSLR camera can take pretty good video, but certainly not as good as a camera specifically designed for video. A speaker that also has dancing lights will never sound as good as a speaker fine-tuned to just be a speaker. Next time you’re in the market for technology, keep in mind that too many frills and whistles only disperse the processing power to more applications, thus taking away from all of them running at their peak.

Bite off exactly what you can chew, sit on just one chair, and get the master of trades in one device, you’ll be happy you did!

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