Prom is regarded as one of the most memorable days of our student years. We want to look perfect on that day to make memories worth cherishing forever. There are a lot of prom style dresses which are available to choose from which can be confusing. To avoid this confusion, we have compiled a list of styles which are a must wear this season and the things you need to avoid.

Things that You Should Wear!

  1. Ball gowns

You can always go classic with a ball gown as it is guaranteed to make you look classy and chic at the same time. You can go for ball gowns which are embellished with ruffles which are very in this season or a smooth satin. There is a unique collection of ball gowns which are elegant and stylish.

If you are looking for an ultimate classic ball gown, then you can go for a long strapless dress which will make you look like a fairy tale princess.

  1. Off shoulder and one shoulder gowns

These gowns are raging success on the red carpet which has made it very popular this prom season. If you want to get noticed in your school without having to shout then off shoulder dresses are going to be a life savior. You can show a little skin and look sophisticated giving you an overall fun and classy look.

  1. A-line dresses

They are in the shape which is narrow on top and wider towards the bottom. This pattern is suitable for all body types as they can cover your problem areas and give you a more contemporary and fashionable look. They work for every occasion and look very chic.

  1. Sequins

You can never go wrong with sequins as they add a little sparkle and can make any dull outfit look beautiful. You can make a statement with sequins filled prom dress having beads at the top portion or any other pattern which suits your body type.

Things that You Should Avoid at Your Prom!

  • Multi-colored dresses: To get the perfect classy look at your prom avoids going for multiple colors. Try not to have more than two colors on your dress and select the colors which suit you. Multicolored prom dresses can make you look like a rainbow.
  • Animal print:You should absolutely avoid animal print long prom dress. They look tacky and not classy at all. They were in a very long time ago but now they don’t look good at all.
  • Excessive fishnet pattern: Fishnet is very in this season,but only a certain type of dresses can make fishnet look good. Avoid fishnet as much as you can.

Girls spend months choosing the perfect dress for prom which can prove to be stressful and difficult. The tips mentioned above can give you an idea,and a head start for selecting the perfect dress for your magical day so that you can get a memorable experience and Instagram-worthy pictures to cherish the memories forever.

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